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What is a Cold Laser?

A cold laser is a special kind of unique light that will activate tissues at the cellular level and increase the healing response for sick, injured or traumatized cells. For example; sports injury tissues, muscles, nerves and even bones that are damaged tend to shut down or hibernate while they attempt to repair themselves. Cold laser healing light puts photons of energy back into the cells and allows the cells to repair themselves. No pills, no shots, no surgery, no toxic chemicals or bad side effects.

Who uses a Cold Laser?

Chiropractors, Doctors, Dentists, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and especially seniors who may have osteoarthritis types of joint pain. Also, any private citizen may use a cold laser without a doctors prescription. Alternative health care practitioners as well as veterinary doctors use cold lasers on conditions such as knee, shoulder, neck, back, foot and hand pain issues. The Q1000 cold laser is FDA cleared safe and effective for over the counter use by any member of the family..mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, even kids or the family pet.

Cold Laser Video Testimonials –
Healing Power of Q1000 Cold Laser

Cold Laser Q1000 Dr Crane explanation

Q1000 Cold Laser Healing – Ankle Pain Relief in 10 minutes!

Cold Laser Black Bear Cub Healing

Cold Laser healing Stroke Recovery and Amputee Pain

Cold Laser Diabetic Eye Healing

Cold Laser Q1000 Testimonial and benefits

Severe Burn heals in 9 days

My hot tub thermostat malfunctioned and I scalded my foot half way up my calf in 140 degree water. My doctor said it was a 2nd degree burn and that it would take three weeks to heal. I used both the Resonator and Rotary Lasers immediately and twice daily thereafter. By the 6th day, all the pain was gone and I was back to work. By day 10, the skin was nearly healed, having the appearance of a slight sunburn. The lasers not only helped control the pain, but also speeded the healing process. K.L., SD


Horse Cut by Barbed-Wire – Vet says to put down – Lives to produce 3 foals

This valuable show horse received a severe barbed-wire cut. Infection and gangrene had set in and the Vet, after using all conventional treatment methods, suggested that the horse be “put down” (killed). The wound was lasered daily resulting in rapid closure. After closure the scar was lasered once per week for 3 weeks, with the result being hair growing back in the scar tissue! The horse was able to return to the show ring, and has since produced 3 foals.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

I had been experiencing intense neck and shoulder pain which would radiate down my arm causing my hand to become numb. I tried three different types of prescribed pain pills and none gave me any relief. At the Atlanta Market, I was given a demonstration of your Laser. Within the hour, the pain was almost gone. It was the first relief I’d had in 4 weeks. I had a second demonstration and the pain was completely gone within one hour. Your product is remarkable! P.C., California

Lower Back Pain

I bought a Pro-Pack only weeks ago and have already seen wonderful results on lower back pain, migraine headaches, and carpal tunnel. Dr. P.K., Alabama

Pain From Broken Foot

I broke my right foot, it was a small fracture, but when any pressure was applied, I experienced considerable pain. Dr. Lytle demonstrated the laser and afterwards, I was able to tolerate much harder pressure. I returned a day later and lasered my LEFT foot, which has given me extreme pain for 15 years, especially in the mornings. After two demonstrations, I could stand on the concrete floor without pain! D.K

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