The First (And Only) Cold Laser System Cleared By The FDA For Over-The-Counter Treatment Of Osteoarthritis Of The Hand!

Q1000ng+ Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy is a completely safe, noninvasive and non-thermal therapy in which a special type of light penetrates the surface of the skin and underlying tissues to stimulate natural healing in the body. The body's cells are exposed to photon energy, which in turn...

  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases cellular ATP production
  • Releases tight muscles (both smooth and striated)
  • Speeds bone repair

Powered by an intelligent Lithium-Ion battery, the Q1000ng+ delivers multiple wavelengths, power settings and time intervals ensuring that the healing light penetrates gently into the tissues where it’s needed. The Q1000ng+ allows you to use both the main laser and the additional probes at the same time for more concentrated additional healing. This allows you to absorb more healing power at the same time!

The Q1000ng includes 3 Standard Modes and 6 Additional Modes for further enhanced healing.
  • Mode 1: Pain/Inflammation
  • Mode 2: Heart and Brain
  • Mode 3: General Wellness
  • Mode 4: Allergies
  • Mode 5: Back Ache
  • Mode 6: Blood Sugar
  • Mode 7: Infections
  • Mode 8: Nerve Pain
  • Mode 9: Prostate

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Additional Specs for the Q1000ng+ Laser:
  • 20 light diodes – 12 LASER diodes and 8 LEDs, that deliver resonating subtle energies pulsating on multiple therapeutic frequencies;
  • 7 healing wavelengths (colors) 470-940nm forming up to 6 soliton waves;
  • 9 programmable Modes;
  • 200+ available Therapy Modes – patent-pending technology allows you to fully customize your Q1000ng+ for your needs.
  • Computer-controlled energy output, which stays constant and is essential to avoid the body’s tendency to polarize against fluctuating energy sources;
  • Re-chargeable Smart Lithium-Ion battery that provide approximately 200 minutes before charging;
  • Q1000NG+ is the power source for two NG+ Enhancers and two Flash Probes;
  • Industrial strength aluminum housing milled from a solid block of aluminum. Your Q1000NG is made to last a life-time;
  • Power per element: less than 5mW;
  • Maximum Operational Output Power: 42mW;
  • Treatment Area: 2.69 sq. in. (17.34 cm. sq.);
  • Power Density: 2.4mW/sq. cm;
  • Energy Output: 7.5 joules per 3-minute treatment cycle;
  • Modulation: 20kHz max., up to 63 unique frequencies;
  • Size of a cordless telephone headset.

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